Two Sons - Two Brothers...

Lesson 4: Activities

Ted and I did different kinds of things with Mom. Ted liked to do crossword puzzles so he and Mom and at least 15 of the ladies at the Palo Alto Commons would meet in the lobby after dinner (we each ate there twice a week for 4 years) and play crossword puzzles. Ted was the Master of Ceremonies. Mom would sit right next to Ted and Ted was very careful to make eye contact very frequently. Mom couldn't or didn't really like to play that much but she like to observe what was going on. Mom was not one to participate in things that much. Very family oriented. Even now. The only pictures she wants on the wall are photos of the family.

I would play Pinocle with Mom. That was our card game. It kept her mind sharp, too. It's a pretty neat game. You have to meld and take tricks. Plan your strategy and count cards. After the accident - didn't I mention that? Mom fell and broke her hip. Had the same type of hip surgery as the President! Mom fell in March of 2000. Had 5 days in the hospital and nearly 2 months recovering at Sharon Heights Convalescent Home. Then it was back to the Commons with 24 hour help. But Mom fell again and then it was back to the hospital for X-Rays and then to Lytton Gardens where there wasn't as much risk of falling. Mom's new apartment is really quick nice. Just like a combination living room and bedroom. Very nice.