Two Sons - Two Brothers...

Lesson 1 - Keep Track of Who Does What to Whom

If you or your parents have to change life style very quickly, then you need access to data very quickly. You need the data in one place. Keep this data list in a very secure location. Carry it with you if you can.

At any time, you'll need to talk to doctors, receptionists, caregivers, relatives, insurance companies, HMOs. They are going to ask you questions about SSNs, medical history, and on and on. You will need access to information fast. Put it down in one place that's easy to print out, send to people, update, and store.

Of course you can't keep track of everything but you need to keep a record of information related to medical operations, medications, doctors, telephone numbers, account numbers, dates, savings and checking balances. Things happen so fast and there's so much information that you will need access to very quickly.

Here's what we did. We created a single 'word' document. Here are the major categories:

 Primary Residence  Medical History  General Health Care Information
 Secondary Residence  Miscellaneous Health Care Pension - Account Information 
 Medications  Pharmacies  Income - Sources
 Real Estate  Financial - General  Income and Expenses
 Physicians  Financial - Bank Accounts  

Tracking Data (MicroSoft Word File) for Download