Two Sons - Two Brothers...

Lesson 3: Divide Up the Responsibilities

If you can, then divide up who takes care of medical and who takes care of financial. Try not to get them crossed. Your Mom or Dad will ask: "Well, what did the doctor say?!?!" Since I'm in charge of financial matters, I say: "Mom, talk to Ted. He knows. I don't want to get things confused by giving you second hand information.". Of course, Mom doesn't like that answer but I remain firm. You have to or else stuff is going back and forth and there is just chaos. Mom likes that because it means she remains in the center of things but it is just too confusing.

Ted takes Mom to the doctors. The General Practitioner. The Opthamalogist. The Retinologist. The Emergency Room. The Dermotologist. The Vitreoretinolgist. This doctor. That doctor. It is non stop. Checkups. X-Rays. Operations. Ted is the contact with the doctors. He calls them to get the diagnosis and prognosis. The prescriptions. He sets up the accounts with the pharmacies. Yes, we have more than one. One retail and one insurance related. Of course, I am backup to taking Mom. But it's tough getting her into the 1970 Firebird. With the wheelchair. Don't forget the wheelchair. Each visit is a minimum of 2 hours including travel time. You've got to plan ahead.