In the 1960's,there were alot of wild and crazy guys and gals at the Lake. Often seen water skiing behind Willard MacCleary's 14 foot metal boat or Jimmy McCormack's 10 foot runabout. Looks like cans of Schaffer! Harry's Bar was never the same after they crossed over the Lackawaxen from PA to NY! These guys probably drink another type of beer if they don't live in the NorthEast. The Hughes (second generation) live on the Lake at the old Cook's Cabin.

Some of the 60's Guys.

From left to right: Tommy Engvaldsen, Tommy Hughes, Bob Karkheck, Ricky Doodenhoffer, and Bob Weinert.

Some of the 60's Gals.

Often seen at the Cucks on Saturday night. These girls were regulars around the lake. Some reportedly terrorized the Lake Teedyuskung campers by driving up and down 590 honking their boyfriends "augga" horns!

From left to right: (Standing) Mary McCormack, Pat Hughes, Carol Kraft, Ginny McCormack. (Kneeling) Barbara Boyle, Donna Robins.

The fishing was good around the lake in the 60's. Plenty of bluegills, sunnies, perch, and small mouth bass. Ted Davids is holding up this winner (6 lbs. 32 inches) along side of Mike Visisco. They got it off of the underwater pilings in front of Dan Beard's boat house. Now, if you remember where that was, you're pretty good! Of course, Mrs. Teeter was the best fisher on the lake. And Andy Menotti use to catch his limit of sunnies and bluegills whenever he went out on the lake. Wonder if it's still as good...