Ah, the Cuckoo's Nest!

It's 1962 again. We're at the Cuckoo's Nest. What a great place to square dance on a Saturday Night, play tag in the parking lot, drink birch beer on tap, and eat NuttyBuddies! Wednesday Night was kids night for the HokeyPokey and Arthea's delicious Idaho potato French Fries!

Here are those loveable cartoons above the bar!!

Click on an image for a up-close enlargement. Hey! Cuck! Pass the pickled eggs!

Thumbnails of the Cuck's riske' cartoons. Who was the artist? None other than Al Beck!
The Cuckoo's Nest - July 1943. Here's what the Cuck's looked like before the addition. The left side popout window is still there. That's daddy Davids on the left and maybe Bob the 'Cuck' himself on the right. The sign advertizes some brand of beer. Does anyone know? It wasn't birch beer, that's for sure! Look at the scrub growth; the area must have been logged in the early '20s or so. Apparently there was a fire because the note on the photo reads "one room shack before fire". Thank goodness the 'cuck' expanded the place and let everyone after the War have so much fun square dancing! Click on the photo for a 110KB jpg enlargment.

Arthea and Bob Kammerer owned the Cuckoo's Nest from 1934 till 1975. Arthea was famous for her delicious french fries made only with Idaho potatoe's. That, she said, was the real secret. The 'Cuck' was a man of small stature and big heart. He would scurry back and forth behind the bar serving pickled pig's feet and eggs for 25 cents. Arthea passed away in March 2009.

As kids, we watched TV in the back room. On the hot summer nights, the back screen door was always open to catch a breeze.

In the 1950's, kid's night was Wednesday. Grownup night was Saturday. That was when the spoonman, fiddleman, pianoman, and, of course, Vinnie Engvalssen played. Vinnie was the square dance caller.

Fire at the Cuck's, July 1, 1943. Burned down the kitchen and back room. It was July 1, 1943.
Fire at the Cuck's. Was open for business and square dancing on July 4th, 1943 thanks to all the friends and neighbors who helped rebuild.

Square Dancing at the Cuck's. Fourth of July? 1940's? 1950's or early 60's. Anybody' guess?

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Square Dancing at the Cuck's. Fourth of July? 1940's?

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Photo of the Cuck's. August 1960. Courtesy of Hazel Shanke Erikson. Rose Keller remembers: "I wasn't very old, but I can still remember the one of the best things in life was walking through those screen doors!" Click on the photo for a larger image.
Cuckoo's Nest - August 1999.Here's the Cuckoo's Nest now. The screen doors are replaced with solid wood doors. The roof is newer. The old 'Cuckoo's Nest' sign is gone. But the memories are still there.
Pearl Davids with her 'Cuckoo's Nest' T-shirt. 1982.