Hawley - The Flood Year - 1942 Map
May 28, 1942 - Hawley. Site of the bridge and A&P store. Eddy Hotel in the background.
May 28, 1942. The Hawley Bridge once crossed the river here. It looks like some of the tressle is washed up against the far side.
May 28, 1942 - Atkinson Lumber Yard.
VCR tape cover of Hawley movie.

The Hawley Falls.

This photo is from the book "Traditions of Wallenpaupack" by Helen M. Cooke. 1926. Florence Cooke, her daughter, lived next to the Lake Teedyuskung spring in Spring Cove. Mrs. (Florence) Cooke let us dig for treasure in her yard in 1962. We never found any. But we enjoyed the thrill.

Hawley - The Movie.

Hawley was the movie site for "Playing for Keeps". Rent it. You'll see a couple of 1 second scenes of downtown Hawley. Don't blink though!

Gig Rosemergy

Hello, Gig!

Let's not forget 'Gig' Rosemergy. The best mechanic on the way to Hawley. His Dad had a farm right next door. Use to get fresh corn. 12 ears for $1! Ol' Farmer Rosemergy. Use to let us kids go up and down the rows and pick the corn. And Gig helped fix our old 1959 Pontiac Star Chief one late Sunday afternoon on the way home to New Jersey. He got under the car, fixed the problem, and when our Dad asked 'how much, Gig?', he just said: 'No charge'. A real gentleman. That's the way he was.