Rowland was named for Henry Augustus Rowland, born in Honesdale, PA (1848) and died in Baltimore, (1901). He was an American Physicist who invented the concave diffraction grating. The grating replaced prisms in many new applications and changed spectrum analysis. He was the first president of the American Physical Society (1899-1901) and a member of the Royal Society of London.
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View of the Lackawaxen River from Lackawaxen to Rowland. Orange road is Rt 590 (I think).  Map courtesy of Sierra MapQuest.
Here's a partial map of the Lackawaxen River. Do you recognize this area?  There's the old Stourbridge Line! There's the town named Baoba.   Isn't Baoba the name of a plant in the book " The Little Prince"? Did you know there is a Teedyuskung Creek? Map courtesy of the USGS. Visit their web site and get the real map!