Bongiovi (right) and McCormack Cottages (center)

The Bongiovi's Cottage use to be a hunting lodge back in the 1930s. Down by the pump well was an ice shack. Small shacks were filled with sawdust and and then blockice cut from the lake during the winter freeze. The Saaf and McCormack homes were in the family for over 60 years before the Grasso's bought it. History has it that Grandma Saaf use to travel by ox cart around the lake. Many of her family and friends from Brooklyn came up to the Lake from Brooklyn and bought property and built their houses in the late 1930's.

Hutcheson (left) and Hughes/Weinert Cottages (right)

Up in the back is the old Cook's house, presently the Hughes/Weinert house. The Cook's little dogger "Patches" uses to make the rounds of all the houses to visit, get petted, and get a treat in the early 1950's.

Hutcheson Cottage