Dennis Fredericks' home

Here's a view looking slightly North of Spring Cove. The sign on the dock says: "Keep paddle boats out of the lily pads!". Guess people paddling around the lake just like to get up close and personal with the flora and fauna....As I remember, I meet Dennis many years ago on the back road. He had lost a school ring and so I went SCUBA diving off of his float with Dad. It was Sunday afternoon and a storm was approaching so we didn't spend much time in the water. I shifted through the 10 feet of silt trying to find his memento. Unfortunately, I never found it.

Helen Cooke Once Lived Here...

There's Mrs. Helen 'Florence' M. Cooke's cottage in the left of the photo. She doesn't live there anymore. I think she lived there up through the early 1970s. Helen Cooke was the author of the poem book 'Traditions of Wallenpaupack', written in 1926.. It described the history of Lake Wallenpaupack including early settlers, disputes with Lenni Lenape Indians, and the Falls in a poetic format. Mrs. Cooke was grand lady.

"Should you ask me, whence these legends!

Whence these stories and traditions,

With the singing of the forest,

With the moaning of the pine trees,

With the murmur of the river,

With the purling of the brooklets

As they wander to the Paupack!

I should answer, I should tell you,"