Teeter's Cove

This photo was taken in 1968.

Teeter Family History

In 1849, Richard Teeter started a furniture business in Hawley on the corner of Main and Church Streets. The original 2-story building contained a workshop and store. By 1860, the business was enlarged with two 3-story additions! Teeter also entered the funeral business. In 1833, his sons Richard, Charlie, and George joined the business and took over in 1896 when the first Richard passed on.

Here is a shot of the near original Teeter House that straddles the creek. 1968. The old Teeter House was built as a fishing camp about 1897 or 1898. At one time access was only by boat from Henry Weber's across the lake. Then, before the West Shore Road was completed, a rough wood's road extended from Rt. 590 near Loft Antiques (formerly Rowe's Corner) to the original driveway on the upper side of the brook. This road was known as the Teeter Road by the old timers. As rumors go, Kim Teeter, Willard Macleary, Donna Robins, and Tobi Olsen played in the brook while the 'older' kids chased each other around in the woods.

At Teeter's house over the creek, there were a lot of bullfrogs. I remember Kim trying to catch them and his Mom, Helen, admonishing him to "Leave the frogs alone; your father likes to hear them". Kim Teeter's little dauchhound, "Tinker", was a popular pet in the Cove.

 Teeter's Cove - 1999

Here is the Teeter House in 1999. Julia Eberhardt's house is on the left.