The Deep Slow Easy Breathing Exercise.

Invigorating, relaxing, and therapeutic.

Right now, you're sitting down and using your computer. You're probably 'shallow' breathing. Shallow breathing gives you 'sticky lungs' - lungs that can't give your muscles and brain the amount of air you need for a healthy lifestyle. To relax. To think clearly. To feel good.
Please click on the "Start" button to watch the deep, slow, easy breathing exercise and follow along. Then visit the rest of the site.

Start button
Network connections and modem speed affect animation viewing. This prevents real time breathing coordinated with the animation the first time. Once this animation is cached on your computer, then the animation will be timed correctly every time you access this site. Please download the AVI or GIF file at the end of the breathing demonstration and use it to practice deep, slow, easy breathing on your own.

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